To transform the UK’s early years and education system, giving children access to high-quality learning, immersed in nature, forging resilience for an uncertain future.


We are building partnerships to develop communities around sustainable, ethical, developmental outdoor nurseries.


Sustainability is at the core of everything that we do. We are building a better future for our little people, which must include the protection of their planet. Our little people need a love for nature and our planet to want to protect it; being immersed in nature will be a catalyst for them and for change. Here at Scraffle and Scrow, you won’t find any single-use plastics used. We reuse whatever possible, respect nature, and give back to the earth; through this, we role model these planet-protecting behaviours.

Holistic, Brain-Led Child Development

We are here to help your little ones have a childhood full of wonder and learning, which aligns with their brain development. We do not want to create little adults or rush their childhood for the sake of academic testing. We want your little people to lead the way in their development, be passionate and engaged with their environment, and support them with their interests and growth.

Grow With Us

People are at the heart of what we do and who we are. We don’t just want to work with people but grow with them. Both our team and the community are vital to what we do at Scraffle and Scrow. We value the connections we make and want to ensure we give back. Our team will receive regular, high-quality training and development and be paid a fair wage for what they do. We will foster positive relationships with the local community, suppliers, landowners, childcare providers, and families, supporting them to grow as we do. So what are you waiting for? Come and grow with us.

We are Bex and Neil Northman.
Let’s tell you a bit about us and why we are so excited about being outdoors.

Well, it started a while ago!
Together we have over 30 years of experience working in the outdoor sector. Leading groups of little people, apprentices, adults, people with additional requirements, education authorities and leaders, and we’ve loved it.
Seeing first-hand the difference Outdoor Learning can make is extraordinary. Those big moments, building resilience and destroying limiting beliefs, it is a privilege to be part of a person’s journey.

I (Bex) went into management. I worked with educational authorities to demonstrate how outdoor learning can cover many aspects of the national curriculum. My work included running courses for teachers and working with at-risk groups. Neil specialised in higher-level qualifications becoming a Mountaineering Instructor and taking groups around the UK and abroad in some testing conditions.

We had our first little person in 2018, Finnlay, and then almost two years later, our second, Kai. Kids have a way of transforming your perspective on life. It is the most demanding and rewarding thing we’ve done. It has shown us that our love of being in the outdoors is a normal and natural human desire, something that little people instinctively love being in.

However, as we get older, we spend more time in classrooms and offices, and we can often lose touch with this part of ourselves.
Being outdoors in “bad” weather is cold and dirty; this is common to hear in most settings (for adults too). Many nurseries, playgroups and preschools are based inside, with occasional visits outside. School is no different, where most of the learning is delivered indoors. School uniforms can limit outdoor playtime to “good” weather. Our little ones are much happier, inquisitive, engaged and healthy from being out in the wild, in nature, learning, playing, getting messy and loving it.

We want to help people to access nature and be in the wild. We desire to help you build the habits for raising wildlings with a love and passion for our planet. Together let’s grow their confidence to ask questions, engage with what they love, and discover their resilience. To find a path which suits them and shape it into success, however hard it might be. All this from play and learning in the wild.